Venetian Charm

Crew and I stayed at Ca’Sagredo when we went to Venice in May. The Ca’Sagredo is not just a hotel but much more, it’s a historical Palazzo, a national monument and a museum, it’s a total charmer!

I’ve been to Venice numerous times but this trip felt the most authentically Venetian with the hotel sitting against the breathtaking backdrop of Venice. I love seeing the sea green and turquoise waters from the windows, hearing the church bells ring on the hour, watching the gondoliers pick up their guests, seeing the vaparettos zoom tourists across the picturesque scape, seeing the blue and white striped poles marking a gondolier stop and so much more. 

I love the story of where the hotel’s name comes from:

The surname Sagredo is a corrupted form of the world “secret”, as the family was said to be secret advisors to the emperor. They boasted remote Roman origins having been governors of Dalmatia who apparently arrived in Venice in the ninth century. There they joined the Great Council in 1100 as a results of their restoring the city of Sibenik to obedience to the Republic.

The Ca’Sagredo hotel lies majestically on the banks of the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge, the 15th century Palace has been declared a National Monument and still preserves the untouched beauty of an ancient noble residence.

Ca’Sagredo hosts 42 bedrooms and suites and preserves signs of a glorious past and superb masterpieces by important 17th and 18th century Venetian artists. Our room was on the grand canal, I loved the view and so did Crew. It was so perfect because although we couldn't be out and about the whole time with having an infant in arms, we were still right in the heart of Venice even while being in our room. We just opened up our windows and let the Venetian breeze, sounds and smells in.

The beautiful interiors look onto the glorious water front and the Rialto Market right opposite. The breakfast was in a beautiful room outside of the hotel’s gallery that boasts famous paintings. The service was superb, the atmosphere was calming and everyone we came in contact with was so kind, spoke English, were courteous and especially extra helpful with having Crew with me.

I loved the banquet room with it's cascading rose pink draperies (which match the pink rose glass street lamps that dot Venice), I loved the gold gilded chandeliers, the oversized antique rugs, wall murals, sconces, marble staircases, statues, grand entrance, restaurant on the canal and so much more. This hotel had every charm possible and it was by far one of the greatest hotels I have ever stayed in. I can't wait to go back with Tyson next time!

Traveling Internationally With An Infant

We started off our Summer with a trip to Europe and traveled with our 4 month old infant, Crew, from Dallas to Italy. It might sound crazy to travel with an infant but honestly it was totally worth it and I would do it over and over again. Crew actually did incredible on the journey but I attribute it to a few tricks that I had to help ease the travel!

Trick 1:

My biggest concern was flying 12 hours there and back on a flight alone with Crew. I wanted Crew to be as comfortable as possible and I also wanted to have a free hand here and there to be able to get things for him, eat and also somehow get a little sleep in there for both of us too. I came across the most incredible infant flying concept, it's called the FlyeBaby. It was absolutely incredible. It is a portable bassinet that folds into a pouch and is so easy for travel. You attach it to the airplane seat in front of you. It worked like a dream and Crew slept almost 8 hours straight! I love well thought products that are solution savers, this is exactly that. I will be using this baby bassinet on all our flights going forward, it was a dream.

Trick 2:

Another concern I had was being out in the Tuscan sun with Crew being so young. I had heard to be super selective on the sunscreen to use before 6 months so I did a lot of research on which one to choose. My doctor cleared this brand, MD Moms, products developed by pediatrician Moms, because it is super organic and has conscious ingredients. Crew breaks out to almost any soap or lotion but the first time using all of these MD Moms products was incredible, he had no skin irritation and it kept him safe in the sun. Thank you MD Moms for coming up with a formula that is so safe, clean and concious for my little one!

Trick 3:

Another concern I had traveling was breast feeding in public. As a new Mom it is a lot to get used to. I was so happy to find Covered Goods, a multi functional nursing cover that is breathable and which goes all around your body so you're completely covered. We used this on the train, on the airplane, in front of the Coliseum, down cafe filled streets, parks, you name it. I love this product and it has been such a helpful thing to use traveling or at home too.

Trick 4:

A concern I had right before I left on the airplane was that Crew had just started teething! Once again as a new Mom I didn't know exactly what to do but was so thrilled to find the perfect solution with Lolli Jo teething necklaces. I wore one most every day on the trip and Crew had easy access to a toy and something to help him chew on when he was teething. Such a brilliant product.

I would totally recommend traveling with your babe. I loved having him stimulated by so many new sounds, sights, tastes, hearing a different language, watching the street performers, hearing church bells chime, gondoliers take tourists down the Grand Canal and more. I am so glad we traveled with him and am thankful for the products above that helped make it easier.


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