Falkensteiner Hotel and Spa Iadera

Did you know Croatia is tagged as Europe's Hawaii? The beautiful beaches, clear blue water and sunsets make this a tropic escape a travel must. Croatia has over 1,000 islands. Croatia is an exceptional destination for a relaxing holiday on the Dalmatian Coast.

The Falkensteiner Hotel + Spa Iadera provides this Hawaii like feel with a cascading lawn of lounge chairs, infinity pools, a private beach with plentiful hammocks to swing on and a spa with organic treatments to the region.

The hotel is located on Punta Skala in Zadar, Croatia which is at the upper tip of the Dalmatian Coast. The Hotel + Spa Iadera has a Mediterranean flair and it is so comfortable, welcoming, relaxing and also super romantic! 

The beach experience is refreshingly different. It is manicured yet organic, private yet open, it is such a wonderful combination. There's also a cooling pine forest along the long beach promenade stretch, lounge chairs and of course crystal blue water to dip into.

Something I love about the Hotel + Spa Iadera is that it is a Green Resort. Sustainability is one of their key corporate values, so issues such as environmental protection, greywater reclamation, waste prevention and optimised energy use play a very important role in determining their actions. I love when companies take proactive steps in conservation and green methodologies.

Something exceptional is the architecture. I was so fascinated by the shape of it because it is able to accommodate almost all of their guests with a breathtaking sea view. A definite must to view the Dalmatian Coast at every hour.
Our favorite time of day was at sunset. It was a gorgeous sight along the hotel's beach promenade and also at their infinity pool. 

After this I have to ask is Croatia Europe's Hawaii or really is Hawaii the USA's Croatia?

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