An Italian Farm Video

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I have traveled up and down the Italian boot in search of pure Italian experiences and the most authentic place I have visited was my recent visit to Reggio Emilia. This place epitomized all that has ever been in my head that Italy would be, fresh food, rolling vineyards, passion filled hand gestures and of course a la dolce vita ambiance.

One of Reggio Emilia’s charms is Bosco Del Fracasso, an Italian family farm and B+B. The owners produce their own milk, bread, jams and even harvest their own balsamic vinegar in the attic. The property has walking paths through vineyards, there are gardens full of fruit trees ready to be picked and bottled for the owners famous jam and naturally there are ducks, cows, hens and more dotting the grounds.

Bosco Del Fracasso breathes green in every way. The farm activity is a mix of many different productions. They are organized as it was in the past when it was normal to raise some animals and to grow many different things to have food during the seasons and sell the surplus. They don’t use flavorings or preserves and only cook the fruits and vegetables in season that they harvest from their garden. They also encourage typical foods of the area like sight seeing to the local parmesan cheese factories and prosciutto farms. There are also many local castles within a twenty minute distance from the farm. This area is just full of charm, culture and great tasting food and sights.

The best part is waking up to the rooster and coming downstairs to the spread of the owner’s full spread of homemade torte cakes, jams, cheeses and eggs. You really revel in the Italian moment as you eat outside or in and enjoy being in such a relaxing atmosphere.

In all it’s a great place to go to enjoy the countryside and be a part of the authentic Italian culture.


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  2. Looks amazing, Heather! I always dreamed about owning a Bed and Breakfast until I learned the breakfast wasn't sent to my room like room service. But this one looks amazing! Wish I could check it out!


Ciao friends! Thanks for sharing. xo's-Heather


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