RetRome's Barcelona

We recently visited lively Barcelona. Tyson lived there for two years and it was my lucky third time visiting so we were seeking an accommodation that had a great local vibe about it so we could dive more into the culture and local haunts.

We found the raddest retro boutique hotel that fit just what we were looking for called RetRome. You know those places you become an instant fan of in every way? That would be this hotel. The owner, the design of it all and the great feel it had won us over. I wish there was a RetRome hotel in every city!

The hotel was all up my alley from the retro red Bosch refrigerator to the antique glass tiled walls to the funnest geometric flooring and even down to the edited details like their leather studded hangers in the bedroom closet.

Moti, the owner, is a fellow vintage treasure hunter. I loved looking around his hotel and seeing the collectibles he has hunted down from different walks of life and throughout Europe. 

The design of his hotel is a combination of a contemporary minimal approach mixed with retro vintage symbolism. In Moti's designing he tries to incorporate bright spaces, retro icons, vintage furniture and also likes to add in some quirkiness with time capsule like items representing nostalgic eras in the 20th century culture.

Can't wait to stay at his other location in Rome someday. Check out his newly launched website here.


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