Truly Tuscany

Oh Tuscany! How wonderful you are. We were so lucky to be able to stay at the charming Casa Palmira B+B  recently. This beautiful B+B was everything and more I thought a Tuscan home would be. It created a taste of Tuscany in every way and it was a quick 20 minute bus ride into Florence. Talk about countryside convenience.

So picturesque. The B+B is part of the slow travel grassroots movement and creates the art of appreciating your surroundings and gaining a local experience instead of checking off a top 10 travel list. 
Assunta and her husband, the B+B owners, are so kind, considerate and they speak English. They give attention to each guest individually just like they give attention to all the beautiful design details in their home. Their choice of paint, bedding, linens, bathroom tile...was all a design delight.

I loved how they named the rooms with a cross stitch name card and I love the molding on that yummy green door.
The touch of local art on the walls was just right.

Mint green bathroom, yes please! They also had small details that really made the B+B experience pop like oversized plush bath towels, an always full biscuit jar and a library of local books.

You get to climb these colorful stairs. How fresh is that design idea, it reminds me chalking steps as a child.

The library area. I loved the frescos on the walls, the use of Italian stripes and the rock work indoors and outdoors.

The dining area. Here again are the stripes carried throughout, the terra cotta tile and a fabulous metal plated dining table.

When you go outside it just gets even more picturesque. I loved the French doors and this cat that wanders the property.

You go for a walk a few yards away and run into this...

Are you kidding me? It looks like its out of a movie. I loved the flowering fields and the smell of the pines. You can also hear a bubbling brook from here. It all seems so unreal but it all really exists, its so dreamy.

Assunta plants her herbs and vegetables here and they are free for you to use in her kitchen. We used the basil and it was divine.

Assunta always has something new blooming.

Now this is yard work well thought. I love the mossy covered branches all strung up and ready to use for the Autumn and of course that neatly stack of chopped wood.

The Tuscan talent herself, Assunta. She's as friendly as she looks. Another fun fact: her husband and her restored the whole house and built most everything themselves. The bed frames, the mirrors, the wood floors, cabinets, you name it and they did it.

The bonus is there is this incredible monastery turned restaurant up the road called Ristorante Il Feriolo. It had the best food I've had in all of Italy. It was intimate, had a great story of its monastery heritage and also had the best dining service I've had since I've been here.

Its a beautiful 20 minute walk up this road.
Here is the restaurant, yum.

Can you tell I can't get enough of this Tuscan treasure?

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  1. Soooo gorgeous. I love that decorating too!


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