Berlin City Guide

To Go: Pulsing Berlin is a European must see. We loved the feel of the city. It was so urban, exciting and had a great energy about it. Its a magnet for history, art, design, fashion and architecture, exhibiting all in such unique ways. 

To Stay: The Radisson Blu hotel . This hotel in the city centre is relaxing amidst the city bustle and it has an aqua dome housing over 1500 tropical fish. It makes you want to dip into a pool and lucky for guests they have one to do just that. Everything is in walking distance and their service was fantastic.

The clean design was calming and inviting.
The rooms have a view of the aqua dome. Its fun to see the scuba divers clean and wave at you as you go visit them and the fish on the balcony.

To do: Berlin Walking Tour. This four hour tour is by far the best way to have a live history lesson. It is priced great (12 euros/$16) and covers all the main sites of the city center including the Berlin Wall, Bradenburg Gate, Hitler's Bunker, the Holocaust Memorial and loads more.

Bradenberg Gate

Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Wall

To Shop: Colours
There are some seriously great vintage finds at Colours, Berlin's largest vintage shop. You can buy their vintage goodness by the kilo and walk out the door with a bag full of retro wear for under 10 euros. To keep it feeling not too overwhelming they organize the store by, you guessed it--colors. It helps it seem to flow in this space of fashion that spans decades. (located in Kreuzberg neighborhood)

This is one of the most well done museums I have been to. Every ounce of thought was put into the architecture, gardens, art and artifacts all flowing together to truly bring out not just an educating experience but an emotional one. 

To Eat: This is no Wiener Schnitzel! Although I loved my German pretzels, waffles and such I totally was digging the international flavor this city carries. There are international choices on every corner (something I really miss since all my Italian corners serve pasta) so I was refreshed to find Sadhu Indian Restaurant. All around tasty, great service and fantastic flavors.

Last recommendation would be to talk to the locals, many of them speak English. It is so fascinating to hear about their history, why they live in Berlin and the current culture between East and West Berlin.


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