I Miss You America!

Happy 4th America, I miss you! 

I've had to really distract myself this week! The 4th of July is pretty much my favorite holiday. I'm truly so thankful for our freedoms and those that serve. Being out of the country makes me realize on a whole new level how blessed we are to live in such an amazing country full of opportunity, growth and hope.

Like many, the 4th is such a family time for me. I wish I was able to be home with Tys and around all of my family in the red rock country where we go to celebrate cowboy style. My extended family are those people that literally all wear red, white and blue, are in the local parade with a truck bed float and have a talent show at the outdoor family bbq accompanied with adult egg tosses that can get super slimy. We end the night like many, with pie and a family fireworks show that consists mostly of sparklers unless someone made the sometimes journey to an Indian reservation in Nevada to pick up some real deal fireworks. I miss being together with them, catching up and being a part of their lives in person for a few days.  

I have gone to the store to buy watermelon every day this week so I guess that's how I'm consoling myself, so silly!

I hope you all got to do some happy 4th of July traditions and spend time with your loved ones this 4th!

watercolor firework image here

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