Turkish Leather

We're back from our cruise! The jewel of our trip was Turkey. Turkey was full of ancient ruins, a gorgeous coastline, tasty Mediterranean food, the softest leather, colorful rugs and high spirited people. It is easily our new favorite country!

Our tour guide took us to a leather factory, Populer, which produces wholesale items for Armani, Chanel and the like. We walked in and they sat us down for a fashion show. Within minutes the lights went off and all became live with six models working the leather down the runway. I couldn't believe the way the leather glided, it was smooth, surprisingly thin and looked so easy and wearable.
After the runway there was of course a tour of the showroom (good salesman!). They had real deal designer coats with a retail ticket of $2500 that you could purchase in the showroom for $400, thats less than a 1/6th of the price! They also have some around $150-$250. We were happy to find one for Tyson for a great price.
I of course have to share the source with you because it is such a wholesale steal. Go here to email them. You can send a description/picture of what you are looking for and they can look through their plentiful stock to find something similar to what you are seeking.

Happy Leathering!


  1. Ohhhhhh! I so wish I could have been there with you two--almost! Turkey--what a dream. Love the jacket you chose for Tys. Did you get one too? Hope so!

  2. Oh ding! I loved to have one of these! My italian home decor friends would surely love to have these too.


Ciao friends! Thanks for sharing. xo's-Heather


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