I'm so excited to introduce Italian Apertivo to you! My darling friend, Sarah, visited last week from California. She is a total foodie so she wanted to throw our own Italian Apertivo one night.

Italian Apertivo is a pre-dinner drink and appetizer. We had such fun with our little Apertivo fest, try it out yourself, such a good excuse to have a little party.

Typical Apertivo Food:

*Meats, all types of it! We went to the meat counter at the store and just went wild, a slice of this, a slice of that. Sarah and Tyson tasted it all, I'm weak when it comes to new meats but nibbled on a couple.

*Cheeses: This is where I had fun. We had all sorts of cheese and butters. Go to your local store and get experimental with cheeses. It was tasty and interesting to try so many new ones. We spread them on bread or crackers.

*Others: salted potato chips, rucola, olives, olive oil and balsamic glazes.

*Drinks: Whatever suits you! We went with the San Pellegrino orange flavored soda, it proved to be delish.

Buon Apetito!

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  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for the great tips...I need to find the right people to enjoy this little party with us :). Love your drink choice, one of my faves!


Ciao friends! Thanks for sharing. xo's-Heather


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