Ciao, hope your week has been great! Just getting back from an Italian Riviera road trip with my in-laws who were in town from San Diego, love them! They brought sunshine, American candy and an adventure filled time.

Today was my first day out of the last two months that I wasn't packing for the next thing. We have been gone 40 of the last 60 days due to family in town and a couple work trips with Tyson. We have loved it but my body was a bit tired when it knew it could crash today!

Its been a wild, fun and adventurous couple months and now I'm excited to stay home a bit more and get caught up on life, Italian class, True Birds and blogging more of the happy things I've captured on my travels.

Flower Truck

Mini mint green flower truck in Florence = Darling

Italia Photo Shoot

Phew! This week has been a busy one lining up our first Italian TB photo and video shoot. Our shoot is today in the center of Verona. I can't wait to use the cobblestone and Italian buildings as our backdrop.  Only thing I need, a water bottle and fan, its a whopping 95 degrees today, yikes! Oh and of course Heidi bird would be nice, miss her. She's holding down the home front in California this week shipping off loads of necklaces, bless her!

Since our company is back and forth across the ocean,  its important for Heidi and I to visually see our vision of the shoot by these mood boards since we can't always be physically together on projects. We put together these mood boards to capture the personality, look and feel we want the shoot and collection to exude. Right now our inspiration is coming in mega from Turkey, Greece and of course Italy. 

Excited to show you more!



I'm so excited to introduce Italian Apertivo to you! My darling friend, Sarah, visited last week from California. She is a total foodie so she wanted to throw our own Italian Apertivo one night.

Italian Apertivo is a pre-dinner drink and appetizer. We had such fun with our little Apertivo fest, try it out yourself, such a good excuse to have a little party.

Typical Apertivo Food:

*Meats, all types of it! We went to the meat counter at the store and just went wild, a slice of this, a slice of that. Sarah and Tyson tasted it all, I'm weak when it comes to new meats but nibbled on a couple.

*Cheeses: This is where I had fun. We had all sorts of cheese and butters. Go to your local store and get experimental with cheeses. It was tasty and interesting to try so many new ones. We spread them on bread or crackers.

*Others: salted potato chips, rucola, olives, olive oil and balsamic glazes.

*Drinks: Whatever suits you! We went with the San Pellegrino orange flavored soda, it proved to be delish.

Buon Apetito!

Venetian Flea Market

Yesterday I got to meet up with one of my favorite people. My super talented, beautiful and giving friend and True Birds main go-to girl, Heather. Heather has been my TB assistant since the very beginning and for years has been my everything girl, especially during the Summer when she's home from school. I miss her this Summer as its my first one without her! Lucky for me the talented Heather just got done doing study abroad in Paris (lucky girl!) and so I got to meet up with her in Venice yesterday.

We had fun oohing and ahhing over the same things---like doorknobs, the color of the water, a basket of fresh herbs and this so fun flea market we ran into. Below are some of our favorites.

 pretty anthro-looking punch glasses. 

we liked how this funky mix of lighting hung on this rack. 

 hello flowers and happy blue color.

romance!  i loved heather's thought that it's so fun to find love letters on the back of old post cards, especially if it is in another language.

  great bookends.


and happy, bright, retro flowers.


Ciao! Heidi and I were so excited to be featured in InStyle's current hair issue. This mag has been one of our main press goals to achieve since we started our company over 4 years ago! We were so excited that our little press dream finally happened. I think one of the main things we've learned in doing True Birds is persistence. Persistence,  patience and prayer equals power, one of our main TB mottos.

Do you have any self mottos? Share with if you do, I'd love to hear what sayings empower you.


Cuff It

Hello! I wanted to share a little fashion item today. A fun trend right now I'm seeing here is to cuff your pants up for warmer weather. It gives a cropped, easy look and it makes your long pants look a bit more summery and relaxed.

I also have to say that a great way to see a new city is via bike. Last week Tys and I explored Sicily that way. We just snagged a map, got some locals recommendations and got two bikes for 3 hours for a total of $15. Dealio.

Turkish Leather

We're back from our cruise! The jewel of our trip was Turkey. Turkey was full of ancient ruins, a gorgeous coastline, tasty Mediterranean food, the softest leather, colorful rugs and high spirited people. It is easily our new favorite country!

Our tour guide took us to a leather factory, Populer, which produces wholesale items for Armani, Chanel and the like. We walked in and they sat us down for a fashion show. Within minutes the lights went off and all became live with six models working the leather down the runway. I couldn't believe the way the leather glided, it was smooth, surprisingly thin and looked so easy and wearable.
After the runway there was of course a tour of the showroom (good salesman!). They had real deal designer coats with a retail ticket of $2500 that you could purchase in the showroom for $400, thats less than a 1/6th of the price! They also have some around $150-$250. We were happy to find one for Tyson for a great price.
I of course have to share the source with you because it is such a wholesale steal. Go here to email them. You can send a description/picture of what you are looking for and they can look through their plentiful stock to find something similar to what you are seeking.

Happy Leathering!


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