Sneak Peak: Guest Room

I am on a train to Milano to pick up my lovely Mom (my Dad comes in on Saturday). I am one lucky ducky to have them visit. I told them they better sleep the whole way here because it is time to party when they arrive.

My Mom is an interior designer, can you even imagine how she is going to go crazy over every Italian detail? Can't wait to see it unfold. From every shutter to balconies full of spring flowers, hidden frescos dotting the streets and the smells in the air, she is going to eat it up and point out so many great insights I simply, walked by. I love those people in life that point out the beautiful, she is indeed one of them.

I had so much fun dolling up the guest room for them both. I can't show full photos of our Italian flat yet (they're being saved for a featured project ) but here's a sneak peak of a bit of it. Do you think I like color and patterns? Just a little.

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  1. Anonymous8.5.12

    I love this guest room! So much character.

    But my big question is....where did you get that amazing guitar?! I've been looking for something similar for my daughter who plays and is about to graduate to a full size.

    I also live in Italy so if you got it here I would be so grateful to know!

    Great site! Jill


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