Bon Voyaggio!

We're on a cruise to Sicily, Greece + Turkey this week, so excited to have some one on one time with my handsome man and go to Turkey-land. I've been obsessed with going there for the longest time. Be back next week.....ciao, ciao!


Drapery Install

Remember this fabric? I was so happy to use it and make these drapes with my talented Mom while she was in town. We stayed up one night until 3 AM cutting, sewing, draping and striping windows.

I love the single panel look, it creates a super strong punch of design and makes the eyes lift up, up, up to appreciate the height of the place. The bonus is that it is super easy! Cut one strip of fabric and sew on all four edges, you can do it.

Here's a really great online wholesale fabric store. A couple yards can go a long way and give a big impact on a window in one of your rooms. So shake up your room design a bit in $14 or less and pull out that sewing machine!



We are Berliners for the week. I am really crushing on this city. I like the vibe, multi-culturism, getting lost, design inspiration and their randomly great amounts of Indian food.

My favorite thing I've heard yet is from my walking tours guide today, she said: "Most Germans show their affection towards you by being grumpy". Really? Well okay then!

Another funny, people are wearing their swimsuits and cover ups all around the city. I kept looking for the beach and finally found that they all migrate to the parks along the Spree river (which is fenced off and you can't swim in it), but they do have this cool pool to chill out in.

Design Tango: Tangerine + Titanium

I hope you had a great weekend!

Starting off the week with a pop of color I found in Florence last week. This tangerine gets a total kick combined with this titanium color. I really like unexpected combinations like this. Even the brown accents are working and the marble floors give an impact that really grounds it all.

I Want This Job

Check out these police officers in Venice. I couldn't stop envying them when I saw them yesterday. Jetskis, wet suits and canal cruising? Looks good to me!

Mom's Day

Mom's are so great! I am so grateful for mine. She is so full of life, lovely, talented, supportive, kind and truly makes me a better person. So thrilled to get to be with her on such a special day.

I am very excited to be a Mom some day! That will truly be the best job (and hardest) in the world. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends and family besides my own Mom who are Mom's that inspire me such as my beautiful grandmothers, mother-in-law, sisters/sister-in-laws, aunts, cousins, neighbors from California and my wonderful friends. I really admire you all!

To Rome!

Off to Rome for the first time with these fun people below (aka my wonderful parents). How Italian would it be to drive that white vintage fiat there. Wishing Tyson could come with us but he is in Abu Dhabi this week for work. Crazy kid, he's becoming quite the jet setter. 

I think I'm most excited about Trevi Fountain, being a total tourist with getting on those city tour buses with the ear phone dialogue, of course being with my parents and the sunny weather we're supposed to have. 

Bon Weekend to you!

Street Style: Cinque Terre

Who: Michaela Kholerova
Where: Cinque Terre, Italy
From: Prague, Czech Republic
Wearing: Versace shoes/belt and H+M blouse
Occupation: Window Display Designer

Loving Michaela's idea of fashion for the traveler. Opt for darling flats (yay for jellies), cuffed khakis and pull it together with a full of color belt. Don't forget that easy going spirit to bring on that fun laugh Michaela is sporting too.

Oh Taylor

I just really like that Taylor Swift, so lucky to have her as a fashion gal of True Birds! Her 'My Dear Watson' magnify necklace here.

The Cinque Terre Charm

Cinque Terre charmed me today! I love this little place and got crazy inspired with awesomely bright doors, newfound patterns (more pics on these coming at ya) and the sunny sunshine. I love that Summer is fastly approaching, I am truly, a Summer girl.

Street Style: Thrifting for Vintage Eyewear

I ran into this inspirational gal with rhinestoned cat eye glasses in Amsterdam. As a 17 year old, Ellie is independent and going to university in The Netherlands. She has also lived in India, Boston and Australia. 

So how do find vintage eyewear? Ellie's tip, go to a flea market and search for a pair you like, then take them to your local optical department to fill in those two holes.

We did just that and went to Amsterdam's Waterlooplein flea market. It was cold, hello winter coat in the Spring. I wish I had grabbed those 7 euro frames I have on in that picture, silliness that I didn't get them, they were so funky fun! 

You can also find great vintage glasses online. These ones look a lot like Ellie's.

Happy vintage eyewear search to you!

Sneak Peak: Guest Room

I am on a train to Milano to pick up my lovely Mom (my Dad comes in on Saturday). I am one lucky ducky to have them visit. I told them they better sleep the whole way here because it is time to party when they arrive.

My Mom is an interior designer, can you even imagine how she is going to go crazy over every Italian detail? Can't wait to see it unfold. From every shutter to balconies full of spring flowers, hidden frescos dotting the streets and the smells in the air, she is going to eat it up and point out so many great insights I simply, walked by. I love those people in life that point out the beautiful, she is indeed one of them.

I had so much fun dolling up the guest room for them both. I can't show full photos of our Italian flat yet (they're being saved for a featured project ) but here's a sneak peak of a bit of it. Do you think I like color and patterns? Just a little.

Happy May Day

I just had to post about this today, too fitting with flower day and all!

When we were in Holland a few weeks ago we felt like we entered a dream like state when we arrived to the largest bulb park in the world, Keukenhof . They plant over 7 million bulbs every year! It was like an amusement park for flowers, super great.

Another super great thing? There are tulip and flower fields dotting the USA. So you can get some of this greatness in yourself. See here to find a tulip festival near you. Both my aunt in Oregon and my sister in San Diego recently found local tulip festivals, definitely a beautiful way to spend your next Saturday.

The colors were so fantastical. There's over 100 varieties of tulips at Keukenhof and it claims to be the most photographed place in the world, easy to understand.


 I want to eat those petals, they seem so delicate and buttery!

Captured: Us skipping. Hah, we do this about once a week. I used to force him to do it but now he grabs my hand and we just go.

Now off to your own flower field fun! If you know of any in your own neck of the woods please leave a comment for others to know about it.

Cheerio and Happy May!


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