A Taste Of Italy

Yay! I found a great online source of Italian goodies for everyone to have easy access to. Its Lake Garda's Olive Museum and they have the most amazing balsamic flavors and olive oils at wholesale pricing so that international shipping won't hurt too much.

We had so much fun making an afternoon of it with some friends. On your visit you explore the museum, do some tasting and then of course some shopping. No worries, I did some tasting for you and will describe below so you know what to get.


for the fruit lover: Raspberry Mouse-Drizzle it on ricotta cheese, gelato (really!), salad or fruit. This would be my fan favorite friends.

for the truffle picker: White Truffle Balsamic Mousse-I don't even like truffles but this was super tasty. Try atop pasta, salad or stir fry.

for the veggie gal: Garlic and Rosemary Mousse-This makes for an insane marinade on meat and also a great base for stir fry.

for everyone: White Balsamic Creamy Dressing-Oooh, how do I describe. This one adds a sense of gourmet to any grilled veggie dish, salad or pasta.

I look confused, probably about what the label says in Italian. Good thing Laura is there to help!
An old olive press, the process is so fascinating, learn more here.
I love vintage tin cans, I've started a collection while here. I love the worn off colors they possess and stories of what they once held.

Okay, now go get some balsamic for around $5/bottle, your cooking will be so happy.

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