Street Style: Swiss Miss

 Who: Annette
Where: Verona, Italy
Wearing: Stradivari denim and H+M aviators

Hooray! Today marked the warmest day in Verona since we've arrived here. People were coatless and enjoying short sleeves and sunnies.

While enjoying the rays in the park I ran into this swiss miss visiting Verona. Isn't she gorgeous? Don't you think she rings a bit Cameron Diaz? She is actually even more beautiful inside than out, really. She was so super kind, I just love when that happens!

Her denim sleeveless shirt tied up in knots paired with her minty green goodness below was such a fun match. I also could not get enough of her hair, makes me wanna cut mine.


  1. She does look like Cameron Diaz--I love the color scheme and the whole look is effortless. That's something I could actually, maybe pull off.

  2. She is great! I love you spotting great street style to inspire me :). All of the recent posts are fabulous!! Can't wait to try the gnocchi, love the dumpster dive, cannot believe the lovely little vintage shop in Finland, loved the Navy boots, the Galleria with Tyson spinning :), and everything. Absolute eye candy, THANK YOU!!!


Ciao friends! Thanks for sharing. xo's-Heather


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