Stop for Stripes

Happy Monday friends.

Isn't this bridge happy? We were driving and I oohed and ahhhed when we were approaching it. Tyson naturally slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road and said: "Okay, you can take a picture now". He just knows, what a good fellow!

I love finding design details in well, anything. From that bridge to a color story found in file folders at the dentist office, there really is beauty to be found everywhere. What have you seen lately that has popped out to you?


  1. Tyson you good guy! Way to please your wife :). I too am a super stripe fan!! What a great find!

  2. Wow I absolutely love this bridge! Such eye candy :) Way to go Tys....when I look at marble I am able to find naturally beautiful, suave patterns along with some beautiful shapes. You just have to look for it like you said beauty is in everything!

  3. I'm obsessed. Can i take my future engagements under, on top and around that amazing bridge! I heart stripes?

  4. ooh, great insight ladies, thanks for your comments! @ roxanne...engagements there WOULD be definite fun. @ that you find suave patterns in marble...gonna cause me to look at it in a new way next time, grazie! @ sandy glad you too are a stripe fan! xo's


Ciao friends! Thanks for sharing. xo's-Heather


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