Power Card: Rise Up And Run

I woke up ready to go on a run then I had caramel corn for breakfast. When is this swimsuit mentality going to kick in? Probably when I stop making Holiday goodies in April.

We go on a cruise to Turkey/Greece/Italy at the end of May so I don't have time for any more excuses. I've been racking my brain on how to motivate myself and came up with an idea that I thought is too fun to keep to myself. Each day I am going to make my run more about an experience and less about timing my footsteps. I think in the end I will work out longer, be more consistent and have a healthier body and soul.

So...I introduce to y'all the Rise Up And Run Power Card I created (image above). I want to do these power cards for all sorts of topics to look at things in a positive light and an exciting one too. You can print your own here, for free of course.

Now print it off, fill it in and go for a run. Then post it on your mirror or somewhere visible, its like a gold star print out of your work out to encourage you to keep going!

Your Power Card to fill in looks like this:

swimsuit via the lovely Kate Spade

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