Our Anthropologie Meeting

Going to Anthropologie's headquarters to meet with buyers for True Birds in London was so rad! We felt so lucky to be there and meet with them. The location was on Flood Street on a corner in Chelsea (I LOVE Chelsea, such a funky part of Londontown) with painted brick, green tile and an almost hidden door serving as the entrance to this place of imaginative thinking.

The bird and I all dressed up for the big meet up.

The conference room. Look at that weathered washboard type table. How easy is that?

The wallpaper--a happy turquoise with shiny gold fun. The bunnies, butterflies and flowers gave an instant smile and calmed our nerves.

Heidi Bird setting up the pretties.

The details. There were so many but only a couple we could quickly sneak a pic of! We loved the hanging lights for one, wouldn't this be day to DIY? I think so. Get some wire and go for it.

Definitely a big TB moment for us, we were so thrilled to be there!


  1. Amazing Amazing Amazing. You girls are amazing and talented! You both look so cute for your big meeting!

  2. I hope it went well! You are both so inspiring. And that set-up is inspiring too--talk about a perfect match!

  3. The table is so great! Love the effortless style of it!


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