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We ran into an Anthro-looking boutique in Verona. I loved the handmade treasures, low prices and artisan stories (even if they were in Italian!). The atmosphere was the cherry on top. Pebble stone walkways, ivy, iron gates, aged brick, arches, weathered cement. Wouldn't a studio be so great in this space?

The interior, so many handmade items, so much to appreciate.

This lovely lady got me with her purple wool coat, orange red scarf and retro to me but basic accessory to her eyewear.

These light fixtures are made out of bowls! Yes, bowls. How genius. Amazed by the antique bronze holdings, hand painted trimming and most definitely appreciated the cut outs in the glass to let the light cascade out in an interesting way.

Giuseppe's prints were endearing. I loved the mini sized ones especially. Try finding local prints of where you live, whether it be a picture of an old farmhouse, the beach, a small pond or a building--a local artist is bound to have captured your own town beautifully.

Isn't this a fresh Spring/Summer look to jump into? Obviously choose just a couple necklaces but the duo belts are fun. This look to me is so clean, exciting and adventurous.

I am smitten by lace right now. I want to hang it in my Italian windows, have it a part of all my Spring outfits and I love this table circle seen above that was lovingly made by a town of African women. The detail of every stitch is absolutely impressive.

And on to our favorite table. The three woman running this table were darling. They were patient with my Italian and told us the stories of the African women that live in a mission and make these items with amber, jade and other fine gems.

Pretty Heidi and look at the lovely woman holding the mirror, she is smiling with her eyes. I love when people smile with their eyes.

The treasures we found, African beaded friendship necklaces for 10 euros. They have a mix of every color and black/white swirled beads.

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