Stop for Stripes

Happy Monday friends.

Isn't this bridge happy? We were driving and I oohed and ahhhed when we were approaching it. Tyson naturally slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road and said: "Okay, you can take a picture now". He just knows, what a good fellow!

I love finding design details in well, anything. From that bridge to a color story found in file folders at the dentist office, there really is beauty to be found everywhere. What have you seen lately that has popped out to you?

A Taste Of Italy

Yay! I found a great online source of Italian goodies for everyone to have easy access to. Its Lake Garda's Olive Museum and they have the most amazing balsamic flavors and olive oils at wholesale pricing so that international shipping won't hurt too much.

We had so much fun making an afternoon of it with some friends. On your visit you explore the museum, do some tasting and then of course some shopping. No worries, I did some tasting for you and will describe below so you know what to get.


for the fruit lover: Raspberry Mouse-Drizzle it on ricotta cheese, gelato (really!), salad or fruit. This would be my fan favorite friends.

for the truffle picker: White Truffle Balsamic Mousse-I don't even like truffles but this was super tasty. Try atop pasta, salad or stir fry.

for the veggie gal: Garlic and Rosemary Mousse-This makes for an insane marinade on meat and also a great base for stir fry.

for everyone: White Balsamic Creamy Dressing-Oooh, how do I describe. This one adds a sense of gourmet to any grilled veggie dish, salad or pasta.

I look confused, probably about what the label says in Italian. Good thing Laura is there to help!
An old olive press, the process is so fascinating, learn more here.
I love vintage tin cans, I've started a collection while here. I love the worn off colors they possess and stories of what they once held.

Okay, now go get some balsamic for around $5/bottle, your cooking will be so happy.

Street Style: Swiss Miss

 Who: Annette
Where: Verona, Italy
Wearing: Stradivari denim and H+M aviators

Hooray! Today marked the warmest day in Verona since we've arrived here. People were coatless and enjoying short sleeves and sunnies.

While enjoying the rays in the park I ran into this swiss miss visiting Verona. Isn't she gorgeous? Don't you think she rings a bit Cameron Diaz? She is actually even more beautiful inside than out, really. She was so super kind, I just love when that happens!

Her denim sleeveless shirt tied up in knots paired with her minty green goodness below was such a fun match. I also could not get enough of her hair, makes me wanna cut mine.

Power Card: Rise Up And Run

I woke up ready to go on a run then I had caramel corn for breakfast. When is this swimsuit mentality going to kick in? Probably when I stop making Holiday goodies in April.

We go on a cruise to Turkey/Greece/Italy at the end of May so I don't have time for any more excuses. I've been racking my brain on how to motivate myself and came up with an idea that I thought is too fun to keep to myself. Each day I am going to make my run more about an experience and less about timing my footsteps. I think in the end I will work out longer, be more consistent and have a healthier body and soul.

So...I introduce to y'all the Rise Up And Run Power Card I created (image above). I want to do these power cards for all sorts of topics to look at things in a positive light and an exciting one too. You can print your own here, for free of course.

Now print it off, fill it in and go for a run. Then post it on your mirror or somewhere visible, its like a gold star print out of your work out to encourage you to keep going!

Your Power Card to fill in looks like this:

swimsuit via the lovely Kate Spade

Italian Kitchen: Pumpkin Gnocchi

Remember this slumber party pasta making day? Well today is, here's the recipe you make it day. Don't get intimidated by the sound of homemade pasta, it is so much easier than it seems--you can totally do it friends!

Simple polaroid snap by snap directions below.

What you need:
-150 g of pureed cooked pumpkin 
-150 g of pureed cooked potato 
-100 grams of Italian flour labeled '00'*
-1 egg
-1/3 cup butter
-5-6 sage leaves
*you can find 'OO' flour at Whole Foods or you can use all purpose flour

Artek: design industry leader

Helsinki was full of design stores that amazed. Helsinki's retro and modern design vibe is clean, simple, exciting, colorful and functional. Artek is an design industry leader in Finland paving the way nationally and globally for trends in textiles, furniture and home accessories. 

The whole store felt like a candy shop I could only look at and not eat since none of this would ever fit in a piece of luggage! So here's to some eye candy.

Dumpster Diving

Last Saturday we did some dumpster diving, have you tried it? Amazing! We got an almost new vacuum, two drying racks and more...hilarious. There are even signs with instructions on how to donate and how to accept donations, what a great way to recycle!

Happy Weekend! 

Finnish Funnish Thrifting

Thanks to my friend Milla, I found quite the thrifting haunt in Helsinki. This store, Play It Again Sam, is a treasure trove of 1900's and even 1800's European clothing and accessories.

Some of my favorite findings below:

Street Style: Frankfurt, Germany

Who: Kathleen, fashion designer
Where: Frankfurt, Germany
Wearing: Navyboot

We were in the Frankfurt, Germany airport today. Whilst in the airport Tyson spotted this fashion savvy girl, Kathleen, who turned out to be an evening gown designer, no wonder she had great style.

Isn't her brown/black style great! I loved her Navyboots with a colorful lip, such a fun pink pop.

Our Anthropologie Meeting

Going to Anthropologie's headquarters to meet with buyers for True Birds in London was so rad! We felt so lucky to be there and meet with them. The location was on Flood Street on a corner in Chelsea (I LOVE Chelsea, such a funky part of Londontown) with painted brick, green tile and an almost hidden door serving as the entrance to this place of imaginative thinking.

The bird and I all dressed up for the big meet up.

The conference room. Look at that weathered washboard type table. How easy is that?

The wallpaper--a happy turquoise with shiny gold fun. The bunnies, butterflies and flowers gave an instant smile and calmed our nerves.

Heidi Bird setting up the pretties.

The details. There were so many but only a couple we could quickly sneak a pic of! We loved the hanging lights for one, wouldn't this be day to DIY? I think so. Get some wire and go for it.

Definitely a big TB moment for us, we were so thrilled to be there!


To Go: Milan. This fashion capital has an energy of excitement, tasty eats, Da Vinci masterpieces and more. 

To Stay: Hotel King

To Eat: Luini's, where there is a line you can count on some definite tastiness.

 Imagine pizza wrapped in a donut, yeahp, thats what this tastes like. Yum!

 To Shop: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It feels like you're in a museum here, look at those ceilings!

Hello Valentino.

To Spin: Spin on the bull in the center of the galleria for good luck!

To Stumble: Find a fresh outdoor market. If you go off the beaten tourist roads you will run into plenty of street markets. This one in particular is off Corso Magenta. Aren't those olives lovely?

To Visit: Sforza Castle

To Snap: A happy fountain plus a castle, one must take a picture here.


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