One of my most favorite things here is going to the thrift stores with my cute friend above, Ari, and of course Tyson. These Italians dispose of the most amazing antiques, trinkets and furniture, lucky me!

I first spotted this 60's-esque chandelier that I had to get. I love the raindrop like effect it gives off and it screams happy to me which is so important to me when finding pieces for my home.

 Yum, look at those iridescent beads juxtaposed with the elongated matte beads, it creates such pizazz.

This guy I cannot stop thinking about! Wouldn't he be dynamite collaged on a gallery wall? You know those paintings that speak to you? This one, for some reason or another does. I have to go track him down, hope he's not gone by the time I get back.

True Italian beauty. I would use this as a end table for the sofa below ( further for why) with some funky books atop it and wall sconce lighting above it.

This velvet chesterfield was skipping towards me. I got so excited when I saw the 100 euros price and could see it all in my head--how the pillows would look, what rug to use...everything. I decided to wait and come back and get it the next day and yes, you know what I am going to say---it was sold!

Tip: when you find something that you can see a whole design vision with then get it, especially if the price is right!

I love to dig deep and find treasures, do you? If you ever feel overwhelmed by these type of places (which is normal) just decide to walk in and go to one section of the store that day, for instance, just look at the chandeliers and art, then walk out. That way you have focus and you won't think of it as overwhelming. You can always go back another day and check out another department.

Some great thrifting stores in the U.S. are here,  here and here.

For my Italians, some great thrifting stores in Italy are here and here.

You know other great locations? Dime (tell)!


  1. now THIS is a girls candy shoppe.
    i am in heeeeaven! e.v.e.r.y.chandelier is beautiful. please oh please close your eyes eenie mini miiiini mo it.. and grab me one. or 4. can you include prices{and in american dolares also} in your next vintage field trip..?
    dyyying to know what their prices are for those shops!

  2. That chesterfield is amazing!!! I am so sad you didn't get it!


Ciao friends! Thanks for sharing. xo's-Heather


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