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Grazie for the front page feature!

I had so much fun writing a couple online articles for Seventeen magazine. They sent me to Milan Fashion Week to investigate everything fresh in fashion and one of the stories went live today.

It was so fun to photograph and interview these 20 lovely ladies for this Street Style story. These cute ladies are fashion bloggers, top magazine editors (like Marie Claire and Mix(TE) out of Paris), fashion stylists for iconic brands and more. It was rad to see their style and write about how to achieve it. 

Make sure to check it out, I was so inspired with what textures, patterns and colors they thought to wear together. Catch the story HERE


  1. SUCH a rockstar!

  2. you are the rockstar roxanne, i learn from the best--YOU!

  3. Seriously Heather you are my idol! You are always impressing me with your latest venture. Nothing can stop you and I can't wait to follow your blog. Haven't had time to read the seventeen article (Blakely is a nut case today) but can't wait to, you are so talented.

    Love ya,

  4. seriously!! girl you rock.

  5. So awesome, Heather! Congratulations!


Ciao friends! Thanks for sharing. xo's-Heather


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