I want an apple strudel

Before I head off to L.A. we're gonna make it a weekend in Innsbruck, Austria. I can't stop thinking about biting into some apple strudel and dumplings. I also can't stop thinking about how I'm going to stay warm at the foot of the alps.

Almost all people brave the cold months here with fur, talk about fancy. They wear their fur for all occasions from the grocery store to the opera. I haven't found my low priced faux fur yet, but wish I had to stay extra warm this weekend!

Here's some pics of some Italian fashionistas sporting this classic Italian look.

 Fur coat, leggings and riding boots equals 'the look' of the season here.

Fur coats for a bicycle ride? Yes indeed.

Side thought: Don't you just want to be like this woman in her warm coat, darling bicycle and two handbags? Cute as a button she is.

Bon Weekend to you!

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  1. Anonymous20.6.13

    I found you by chance, I was searching for a picture of an Italian old lady on a bike.

    You have some great shots of Italy.


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