Cabana Meeting

I made it to L.A. and now off to our TB meetings! Don't we look gorge up there brushing our teeth at the stoplight? Have you tried these? I always have them in my purse for when I'm jetting, for meetings or sometimes used before I kiss my guy.

We felt like we were hallucinating when we showed up at the W Hotel and were told that we can find our buyers at Cabana #5. Ummm...can we stay all day please? 

Cool pool! The use of the wallpaper in the cabanas was genius.

Design thought: Do you have a sectional bookcase? Implement this design concept by alternating wallpaper from section to section to create this effect. Also, make sure the more powerful design of the two wallpapers is in the center. For example, the floral print should be in the center and the diamond links should be on each side.

Giggling and yay for ocean blue and lime green duo cushions. Delish!

A glimpse of some of the new little pretties we were pitching for Summer 2012. I can't stop wearing the captain's whistle, toot, toot!

To celebrate the meeting--In N Out. Gotta get my fries and shake fix in before I go back to pastaland on Sunday.

And even though it was a bit cold at the beach and we had to cover up with fabric remnants from the trunk of the car we ate our fries and shakes here.

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