Austrian Antiquing

There’s a family owned antique store that lives on this colorful street in Innsbruck, Austria.

I passed by their closed store one evening and was sad to discover that they opened too late the next morning for me to glimpse around before my train left. Naturally, Tyson’s wallet was thrilled they weren’t going to be open.

When I was on my way to my train the next day I detoured to check it out again and to my luckiness the store opened two hours early! I literally sang a yay and grazie with huge excitement as I entered.

Look at that, that is what you see as you walk in, don’t you want to delve further? Yes, I thought so. Let me take you around.

I loved these stacked frames. I want this bin on a bookshelf as is. Beautiful!

Sisters, Cassandra and Lucy, are the owners of this third generation antique store.

There was so much art to discover! From the 1800’s to retro 60’s art, loads to rummage through.

Look at that pewter! I have always been a big pewter fan. Take note how they played around with both descending heights and mixed heights in this area. Great design technique.

Here she is again. Isn’t she lovely? She’s from the 1800’s. She’s one of those prints that has a story to tell, I want to find a bench, eat that bowl of fruit with her and hear it.

This piece goes perfectly in my Mom’s home so we’re storing it for her until she can pick it up in May, our walls are so lucky to have her visit for awhile!

Keys, keys, keys. Look at that one in the top left hand corner, isn’t the shape of it unseen? Its huge, funky and I didn’t even look at the price because I had already chosen my treasure.

Now go play out some Austrian inspiration with me and stack some random frames in a bin (or a box or old pan) and/or tack up some keys on your wall. They don't just have to be antique keys, tack up a key of your first car or first apartment or locker, have fun!

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