Underground Street Fashion

Who: Ines
Where: Notting Hill, London

Here's some weekend spring fashion for ya. Ines's ombre hair, teal ballet flats, easy t-shirt and most of all king paisley printed jacket was a street style statement to smile at.

I want it all.
My heart skips extra beats in London, I cannot get enough of this city.

British Symmetry

Today I oohed and ahhed over this door in London. Isn't the symmetry fantastic? I absolutely love the black door, brassy elements, boxey light fixtures and drizzling vines down the brick.

This look is an automatic in my dream home folder.

Station Fashion

Who: Milano fashionistas
When: Today
Where: Verona, Italy en route to Milano

I'm inspired. Those high waisted pants and vibrant clock tower jacket tick tock perfectly. Oh and the denim vest, slim pants and slicked hair on the Mr. is just right as well.

Ooh la la to this dynamo fashion duo.

Slumber Party

Slumber party, woot! Lucky for me, while Tyson has been in Kuwait this week I had a girl party at our flat. The gals: my cousin Lindsay from Switzerland, twin sister, Heidi, came into town with her baby from California and adorable local, Laura, slept over as well. We explored more of Verona, made midnight crepes and got in a lot of gelato runs.

Oggi (today) we had Italian Cooking school at Laura's and whipped up some pumpkin gnocchi with sage and butter sauce accompanied by crackers with ricotta cheese and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette. The combinations this lady thinks up is brilliant! The gnocchi from scratch is so doable too. Will be sharing the recipe soon for you to try.

Missing my man mega and ready for him to be home from the Middle East but girl time is so rad. Go call up your gals and get some in this weekend!

Happy Spring To You!



to you!

I can't stop smiling at this rannuncula arrangement I ran into recently. With Spring debuting this week in blue skies Verona I love seeing the budding trees, smelling the daffodils in the park and hearing the birds chirp out my window at 2 am!? I think they are happy to be here.

Is Spring budding where you are? Sure hope so!

Nail Alert: Chiara Ferragni

Ciao friends! I met up with The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni in Milan and she had on a sweet set of nails. Achieve this nail trick with rotating coordinating colors from nail to nail. The monochromatic trend she did here is a cool way to choose colors.

Here's the pretty lady's full look. Her sunnies, lace dress, glam necklace, monochromatic nails, rockerish jacket, nude booties and pop of neon tote create fashion magic.

Herb Highlight

Yummers! I have recently discovered the use of rucola (arugula). I have been using this Italian herb so much, its like my new basil. Rucola is a zesty, spicy herb. It gives a refreshing kick to any dish.

Seen above, I garnished my zucca ravioli (butternut squash ravioli) with a light white cream sauce, cherry tomatoes and rucola. The rucola gives this dish a whole new taste, so refreshing!

Try this simple white sauce:
1 cube butter
1 cup shredded or grated parmesan
1 cup half + half
2 Tbsp. cream cheese
2 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tsp. minced garlic

Bring to a boil. Stir constantly until thick. Pour over pasta of choice and garnish with halved cherry tomatoes and rucola.

On this dish I did laura's bruschetta but garnished with rucola instead of basil.

Try out this Italian herb, you can find rucola/arugula at most grocery stores.

Bon Appetit!

Austrian Antiquing

There’s a family owned antique store that lives on this colorful street in Innsbruck, Austria.

I passed by their closed store one evening and was sad to discover that they opened too late the next morning for me to glimpse around before my train left. Naturally, Tyson’s wallet was thrilled they weren’t going to be open.

When I was on my way to my train the next day I detoured to check it out again and to my luckiness the store opened two hours early! I literally sang a yay and grazie with huge excitement as I entered.

Look at that, that is what you see as you walk in, don’t you want to delve further? Yes, I thought so. Let me take you around.

I loved these stacked frames. I want this bin on a bookshelf as is. Beautiful!

Sisters, Cassandra and Lucy, are the owners of this third generation antique store.

There was so much art to discover! From the 1800’s to retro 60’s art, loads to rummage through.

Look at that pewter! I have always been a big pewter fan. Take note how they played around with both descending heights and mixed heights in this area. Great design technique.

Here she is again. Isn’t she lovely? She’s from the 1800’s. She’s one of those prints that has a story to tell, I want to find a bench, eat that bowl of fruit with her and hear it.

This piece goes perfectly in my Mom’s home so we’re storing it for her until she can pick it up in May, our walls are so lucky to have her visit for awhile!

Keys, keys, keys. Look at that one in the top left hand corner, isn’t the shape of it unseen? Its huge, funky and I didn’t even look at the price because I had already chosen my treasure.

Now go play out some Austrian inspiration with me and stack some random frames in a bin (or a box or old pan) and/or tack up some keys on your wall. They don't just have to be antique keys, tack up a key of your first car or first apartment or locker, have fun!

Cabana Meeting

I made it to L.A. and now off to our TB meetings! Don't we look gorge up there brushing our teeth at the stoplight? Have you tried these? I always have them in my purse for when I'm jetting, for meetings or sometimes used before I kiss my guy.

We felt like we were hallucinating when we showed up at the W Hotel and were told that we can find our buyers at Cabana #5. Ummm...can we stay all day please? 

Cool pool! The use of the wallpaper in the cabanas was genius.

Design thought: Do you have a sectional bookcase? Implement this design concept by alternating wallpaper from section to section to create this effect. Also, make sure the more powerful design of the two wallpapers is in the center. For example, the floral print should be in the center and the diamond links should be on each side.

Giggling and yay for ocean blue and lime green duo cushions. Delish!

A glimpse of some of the new little pretties we were pitching for Summer 2012. I can't stop wearing the captain's whistle, toot, toot!

To celebrate the meeting--In N Out. Gotta get my fries and shake fix in before I go back to pastaland on Sunday.

And even though it was a bit cold at the beach and we had to cover up with fabric remnants from the trunk of the car we ate our fries and shakes here.

Outdoor Details

Some Italian outdoor details I'm crushing on:

I'm inspired by nature, fencing and a road sign that creates this teal, mustard and bit-of-red color story. 

Blue mailbox, yes please.

Layers of upturned lettuce, pretty!

I want that planter...forever. I really think I'd smile every time I'd pass it by.

Artsy in Munich

Who: Marta
Where: Munich, Germany
Wearing: street market accessories and Dr. Martens

While on a layover today in Munich I bumped into Marta. Isn’t she artsy? I was transfixed with her personal style that flowed from head to toe. She let her sweater drape off the arms, she trickled her scarf down across her shoulder, her multi color striped travel bag was a pop of fun and her purposeful hole in her leggings added a quirky notch that completed Marta, the artist.

Seventeen.com feature: Backstage at Milan Fashion Week with Silvio Bertelli

I was able to be a contributor for Seventeen.com for Milan Fashion Week and loved every minute.
Read my full article about this happenstance interview and his inspiration for his colorful winter garden collection on Seventeen.com.

Happy Monday friends!

I want an apple strudel

Before I head off to L.A. we're gonna make it a weekend in Innsbruck, Austria. I can't stop thinking about biting into some apple strudel and dumplings. I also can't stop thinking about how I'm going to stay warm at the foot of the alps.

Almost all people brave the cold months here with fur, talk about fancy. They wear their fur for all occasions from the grocery store to the opera. I haven't found my low priced faux fur yet, but wish I had to stay extra warm this weekend!

Here's some pics of some Italian fashionistas sporting this classic Italian look.

 Fur coat, leggings and riding boots equals 'the look' of the season here.

Fur coats for a bicycle ride? Yes indeed.

Side thought: Don't you just want to be like this woman in her warm coat, darling bicycle and two handbags? Cute as a button she is.

Bon Weekend to you!

Jetting: L.A. Bound

I love L.A. and I think it loves me too because it keeps calling me back! 

I moved to Verona in November and was in L.A. for two weeks in December, January and February for work. I thought I wouldn't be going back for a bit but my how the tables turn! I booked my flight last night and will be jetting back to L.A. this Tuesday for a quick meeting. Sad to leave Verona and my heart throb but I am happy to see some sun, the twin and meet with my buyers.

Here's a glimpse of what our meetings look like. This pic was our TB set up for our last meeting. 
This seemed like such a Donald Trump-esque moment at this huge biz table!
And of course I have to follow the Fuji motto which is work hard and play hard. I'll definitely pack my suit in my handbag to hit the sand when I can.

*This pic is from last month with my parents, two sisters, and my nieces/nephew, beach and family equals one happy girl!

Street Style: Mela in Milan

Who: Mela Albert, 25
Where: Milan, Italy
Wearing: Paul Smith Teal Jacket, Zara orange coat, Topshop sparkle shoes

I love Mela’s color blocking moment here. The teal, orange and pink zing together. Her smart choice of a neutral pant was just right to add extra observation to the sparkly gold shoes and hint of purple socks. I also adore those broaches she thoughtfully attached, it gives a personal touch.

Street Style for Seventeen.com

Grazie for the front page feature!

I had so much fun writing a couple online articles for Seventeen magazine. They sent me to Milan Fashion Week to investigate everything fresh in fashion and one of the stories went live today.

It was so fun to photograph and interview these 20 lovely ladies for this Street Style story. These cute ladies are fashion bloggers, top magazine editors (like Marie Claire and Mix(TE) out of Paris), fashion stylists for iconic brands and more. It was rad to see their style and write about how to achieve it. 

Make sure to check it out, I was so inspired with what textures, patterns and colors they thought to wear together. Catch the story HERE

Italian Kitchen: Easy Bruschetta

Meet Laura. This lady is a ball of sunshine and a true Italian cook. She's got tricks up her sleeve for pastries, salads, main courses and more. One of the first food addictions she introduced to me to is this easy bruschetta.

Her easy ingredients:

-about 1 lb grape tomatoes
-extra virgin olive oil
-1/2 clove of garlic
-6-8 basil leaves
-Crostini Bread

Italian Method:

1-Quarter grape tomatoes

2-Chop basil

3-Toss tomatoes and basil in bowl and drizzle with olive oil. Note that the picture above has the tomatoes soaking in olive oil, this makes it perfetto, be generous with how much you give it.

4-Prepare crostini or purchase pre-made ones. To prepare your own, preheat broiler, slice french bread and place on a baking sheet. Broil 1 minute or until lightly browned.

5-Best Italian trick ever, rub 1 side of each bread slice with cut half of garlic. Discard garlic.

6-Divide bruschetta evenly over bread, sprinkle evenly with salt and top it off with a teaspoon of pesto on each slice.

Italian Kitchen Tip:

Laura says: "You know you're in a true Italian kitchen if it is not clean!" 

So there you have it, be Italian and have permission granted to keep your kitchen untidy. Enjoy your easy bruschetta and guilt free untidy kitchen!


One of my most favorite things here is going to the thrift stores with my cute friend above, Ari, and of course Tyson. These Italians dispose of the most amazing antiques, trinkets and furniture, lucky me!

I first spotted this 60's-esque chandelier that I had to get. I love the raindrop like effect it gives off and it screams happy to me which is so important to me when finding pieces for my home.

 Yum, look at those iridescent beads juxtaposed with the elongated matte beads, it creates such pizazz.

This guy I cannot stop thinking about! Wouldn't he be dynamite collaged on a gallery wall? You know those paintings that speak to you? This one, for some reason or another does. I have to go track him down, hope he's not gone by the time I get back.

True Italian beauty. I would use this as a end table for the sofa below (tears...read further for why) with some funky books atop it and wall sconce lighting above it.

This velvet chesterfield was skipping towards me. I got so excited when I saw the 100 euros price and could see it all in my head--how the pillows would look, what rug to use...everything. I decided to wait and come back and get it the next day and yes, you know what I am going to say---it was sold!

Tip: when you find something that you can see a whole design vision with then get it, especially if the price is right!

I love to dig deep and find treasures, do you? If you ever feel overwhelmed by these type of places (which is normal) just decide to walk in and go to one section of the store that day, for instance, just look at the chandeliers and art, then walk out. That way you have focus and you won't think of it as overwhelming. You can always go back another day and check out another department.

Some great thrifting stores in the U.S. are here,  here and here.

For my Italians, some great thrifting stores in Italy are here and here.

You know other great locations? Dime (tell)!


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