Venice Travel Tips

To Go: Venice/Venezia

To Do: Gondola Ride. Our tip, don't go with the first quoted price from a gondola guide. We were quoted at 70-75 euros and negotiated to 50 euros. It took asking four different guides but you can do it, don't give up!

To Buy: Venetian Glass, its sold most everywhere you look and you can get it in all forms from a necklace pendant to a glass rose to a cheery vase.

To Enter: St. Mark's Basilica, entry is free and it is a sight to behold.

To Eat: Pizza along the canal. The ambience alone is delicious and the Italian pizza and sunshine brings it all together for an unforgettable and surprisingly low cost meal. Cost: 5-6 euros/pizza.

To Plan On: Getting lost. The streets don't make sense, the dead ends are everywhere and the street signs are etched in stone and partially rubbed off. The great thing is that you get to accidentally delve into local corners and see beautiful buildings, hear Italian in the street and other mini adventures.

To Snap: A picture at St. Mark's Square. The energy of this place is great and intoxicating.

To Notice: The details. This one was Tyson's favorite, the bell ringers in St. Mark's Square.

To Notice: My detail I loved were the rose colored street lights, makes me want rose colored sunnies and a shirt that is teal to go with them. That color combo is rad.

To Believe: Believe that there really are stripes everywhere, everyone only gets places via the canal (no cars allowed) and the color of the water really is that delicious turquoise.

To Catch: The sunset. We randomly timed leaving Venice at sunset and we also randomly parked our car on the top of a garage which gave us this beautiful view! 

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  1. I want to see every one of these things in person! Venice is so dreamy!!


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