An Italian Rule: One Must Use A Tablecloth

I was warned by an Italian before moving here that tablecloths are not an option, they are a requirement. I don't know about following that rule completely but I do know that my dining table is an antique from this 400 year old building we live in so I do need to keep it covered and in good condition!

I loved these colorful table cloths I found recently at an outdoor market, molto bellissima.

They quickly became the signature take home gifts for my family. This is how my Mom incorporated hers in the States.

I love her use of grouping flowers with it, too fun! It really brought sunshine inside the house with the pop of color and the fresh cut flowers. 

We might start selling these on True Birds but in the mean time here's a great look alike from Sur la Table and a fun play off from Spode on this inexpensive site.

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