Ciao Friends! I am starting to contribute for Celebrity Hairstyles, my first article just ran about Milan Fashion Week. Go here for the feature. Its an interview with a darling girl, Susan Storck from Brazil, who is a Giorgio Armani model. She gives tips on how to work a cropped hairstyle. If only I was more daring!

Get to Know Milan Fashion Week

Its quite easy to envision the fashion atmosphere of NYFW to our natural American eyes but what does MFW in Italy look like? Before we hit the runways and backstage let's take a glimpse at the castle, courtyards and confetti that is the rad set of MFW.

Located in the heart of the city, tents go up and runways go live within the gates of the Sforza Castle. Only thing missing? A mirror to name the fairest fashion show of them all at this fairytale setting.

How about a fashion square dedicated to a winding red carpet, a one story box TV broadcasting the latest fashion shows live and confetti flying in the air becoming your new hair accessory for the day (more on this confetti run in later!). Talk about a good time, MFW is one big party for fashionistas and locals alike.

Old becomes new again with the breath of new fashion blown into this archaic building. This estate with a cobblestone courtyard boasts fashion shows of Les Copains, Massimo Rebecchi, Silvio Betterelli and more.

Armani has its own fashion theater in the heart of the city for their shows. Wow to that and hello high fashion.

From the runways to the racks. In between shows fashion-goers and locals hit up this museum like shopping at Via Montenapoleone. The art on display you ask? That would be the Versace and Prada window displays.


Ciao Amicis (friends)!

MFW Sneak Peak

Just catching a breath from Milan Fashion Week. Its so dreamy to be a part of MFW that hosts some of the most iconic names in fashion such as Emporio Armani, Versace, Gucci, Missoni and Valentino just to name a few. Below is a sneak peak in snapshots of whats to come on MFW coverage.

Lots of interviewing went down from savvy street style gals to global fashion stylists to runway models and even a designer personally showed me his collection backstage at his show, too fun.

Armani's location felt like the holy grail of fashion, even his boxes were cool. 

So many fashion details to share. I fell hard for this brocade gold coat and loved the styling of rings and draping sleeve, it leaves you wondering who this girl is.

Ci Vediamo Domani (see you tomorrow) with more.

Off to Mercedes Benz Milan Fashion Week

And we’re off to Milano!

My bags are packed, my camera is charged and my nails are painted (which rarely happens, I’m going all out for fashion friends).

I’m picking up my pen and favorite peacock notebook and writing for Seventeen Magazine at Milan fashion week today and tomorrow, can’t wait to share the fashion shows and street style with you starting Monday.

Ciao, Ciao!

Venice Travel Tips

To Go: Venice/Venezia

To Do: Gondola Ride. Our tip, don't go with the first quoted price from a gondola guide. We were quoted at 70-75 euros and negotiated to 50 euros. It took asking four different guides but you can do it, don't give up!

To Buy: Venetian Glass, its sold most everywhere you look and you can get it in all forms from a necklace pendant to a glass rose to a cheery vase.

To Enter: St. Mark's Basilica, entry is free and it is a sight to behold.

To Eat: Pizza along the canal. The ambience alone is delicious and the Italian pizza and sunshine brings it all together for an unforgettable and surprisingly low cost meal. Cost: 5-6 euros/pizza.

To Plan On: Getting lost. The streets don't make sense, the dead ends are everywhere and the street signs are etched in stone and partially rubbed off. The great thing is that you get to accidentally delve into local corners and see beautiful buildings, hear Italian in the street and other mini adventures.

To Snap: A picture at St. Mark's Square. The energy of this place is great and intoxicating.

To Notice: The details. This one was Tyson's favorite, the bell ringers in St. Mark's Square.

To Notice: My detail I loved were the rose colored street lights, makes me want rose colored sunnies and a shirt that is teal to go with them. That color combo is rad.

To Believe: Believe that there really are stripes everywhere, everyone only gets places via the canal (no cars allowed) and the color of the water really is that delicious turquoise.

To Catch: The sunset. We randomly timed leaving Venice at sunset and we also randomly parked our car on the top of a garage which gave us this beautiful view! 

The New Ugg Boot

Friends, it has finally been done! Well, at least starting in Italy. The Ugg boot has been passed onto the Timberland. We can all be mountain girls now instead of eskimos.

Italians wear Timberland boots like you would a pair of Uggs, they wear them with absolutely anything. They make for a sensible solution for that sleet and snow in the winter and now we can all celebrate a new look.

Get on the trend early and own this style first! Shop HERE for yours or get some inexpensive look alikes HERE.

An Italian Rule: One Must Use A Tablecloth

I was warned by an Italian before moving here that tablecloths are not an option, they are a requirement. I don't know about following that rule completely but I do know that my dining table is an antique from this 400 year old building we live in so I do need to keep it covered and in good condition!

I loved these colorful table cloths I found recently at an outdoor market, molto bellissima.

They quickly became the signature take home gifts for my family. This is how my Mom incorporated hers in the States.

I love her use of grouping flowers with it, too fun! It really brought sunshine inside the house with the pop of color and the fresh cut flowers. 

We might start selling these on True Birds but in the mean time here's a great look alike from Sur la Table and a fun play off from Spode on this inexpensive site.

Ciao to You!

Here's a big ciao to the blog world. I just had to get on here and share the beautiful everything's I'm seeing from the colors of gelato filling the streets to the Italian fashion that is dynamo to the old woman in a fur coat riding her bicycle with lettuce in her basket.

I feel so blessed to be in Italia and literally jump up and down almost every day that I will be living here for 2-3 years with my hard working husband who is based here for his job in the medical industry. 

I hope to happily bridge European fashion, food, design and travel trends to you all and to encourage others to cook new foods, look for fashion on your own sidewalks, find treasures in local thrift stores  and buy a travel book of your own city so you can go off discovering new fresh markets, hikes, monuments and random strawberry fields. 

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

Btw....check back tomorrow. I'll be doing some columns on travel tips to Venice, the new Ugg replacement everyone is wearing, a yummy bruschetta recipe from Laura Lui's Italian cucina and I'm also spilling what glossy fashion magazine I'm writing for at Milan Fashion Week this weekend. Ciao, Ciao.


Hey There!

Check out the latest fashion trends at NORDSTROM. Btw, they are a retailer that offers True Birds so look out for TB's online and in stores.



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